Just close your eyes, listen to the waves crashing and dream of beaches with pink sunsets. Do you want to?

Then dive into our world that spreads LOVE + FUN. Our new swimwear instantly activates your beach mode. No matter what time of year and where you are. We have everything to make you feel wonderful.

Bright summer colors meet timeless high-quality design. Let our cheerful sporty look put you in a permanent summer mood – experience pure joie de vivre!


Love the Planet, Others & Yourself

Designed in Germany. Sustainably produced in Europe under fair working conditions. Made from recycled materials with a lot of LOVE and appreciation for people, animals and nature.

All our fabrics and components are certified according to Oekotex® 100 standard and therefore free from harmful and toxic chemicals.

With us you do good, feel completely comfortable in your skin and look stunning always and everywhere.


Bikini tops

We love our bandeau – do you?

You’ll love our wrap top too, as well as our two sports tops! Convince yourself and discover your new favorite top.



Bikini bottoms

Waist pants, hipsters or individually adjustable with side tie, we have them all for you.

We have more! All styles are available in both cheeky and classic bum coverage.


make you shine everywhere. Fall in love with our TIPI BEACH headband now.


Use what is already there

We are already effectively consuming more resources than we have available to us in the long term. It can’t go on like this. The negative effects of our actions have been becoming increasingly visible and tangible for years on the basis of climate change.

Out of LOVE for OUR PLANET, YOU and OURSELVES, we strongly believe in the need to act in a sustainable environmentally friendly way. It’s up to all of us. Join in. Every little step counts. Many small steps achieve great things.

That’s why we at TIPI BEACH have made it our goal to provide you with durable products made exclusively from recycled, reusable materials. In this way, we want to contribute more and more to circular fashion and minimization of the waste problem. We use what is already in the economic cycle without adding anything new.


Our love for the sea

We love the sea with all its fantastic inhabitants. These wonders of nature deserve a safe habitat.

A give and take in harmony with Mother Nature is called for. However, due to radical overfishing and littering of the oceans, we have unfortunately caused an imbalance that is an increasingly threatening problem.

We must act. For now and for the future. TIPI BEACH does this as an official partner of the environmental organization Healthy Seas®.

We love our babes

Meet our Tipi Beach Babes!

We are so incredibly happy and grateful for our TIPI BEACH Babes that we would like to bring each one a little closer to you.

We want to spread LOVE + FUN! And we want to celebrate life and the unique beauty in each of us. We’ll start with our great women.

An exciting interview series about the why, wherefore, why…

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